Remote Control Your PC From Android And iPhone

PC in My Hand is an impressive application that allows you to control your PC from a cellular device, such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm, Android, Windows Mobile, iPad, and others. Its features include using the cellular device as a remote control to shutdown/restart your PC, Webcam capture to monitor activities in your office or house, and file transfer between remote PC and client device.

Setting up the application is going to be a lengthy task. You will have to register with the product website to create a new account. Your PC must be connected to a wired Internet connection with a router. You also need to activate Wake on LAN (WOL) function on your PC. It can be activated from the BIOS settings of your PC.

Launch the application after installing it to your PC. PC in My Hand Setup will now initiate. In Select NIC, select the wired NIC to which your PC is connected at the moment.

In Binding to router, you must first login to your router. Go to Address Reservation menu and add a new Address Reservation entry by clicking Add New button. Copy MAC Address and Reserved IP Address and paste into the respective fields to add an Address Reservation entry to your router. Next, you have to go to Port forwarding and add new entry. Copy the service port and IP address and paste into the respective fields. Now go to ARP Binding menu of your router. Click Add New. Copy/paste the MAC and IP address into the respective fields. Last, you have to setup a dynamic domain. Enter the domain username, password and domain name URL both in the application as well as router Dynamic DDNS menu. Click Finish to proceed. You will be prompted if the settings are successfully updated.


Launch the main interface of the application. Access advanced settings from Options tab. You can assign a password to prevent others form using the application.


To start controlling your PC from a handheld device, visit from your mobile web browser. Login using your username/password and click Apply.

It supports Windows 7 OS, testing was carried out on Windows 7, x86 system.

Download PC in My Hand

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