Real-Time Location & Message Sharing For Meetups [Android]

Merging the concept of real-time location and message sharing, FlockThere is an extremely useful Android and iOS app that helps you learn of your contacts’ current locations who might be on their way to attending an event. Imagine the facility of having an app at your disposal that shows the geographical position of all your invitees/guests on map, so that you know exactly where they are, and when to expect them to arrive at the event location. What’s even better is that using FlockThere, you can stay in touch with all those contacts via chat messages. In short, FlockThere provides you with real-time location of your guests on map, and helps you stay apprised of their progress/journey via text messages; all info shared on the same screen. All you need to do is create and send a new Flock invitation to your contacts via the app, and start tracking them in real-time. Invitations can be sent to the contact’s email ID or phone number, and the best part about the entire deal is that you can keep adding/removing participants from a Flock even after it has been created. Provided your contacts/guests are already on FlockThere, they can reply directly from within the app. Even if they do not have the app on their devices, they can still keep in touch with you via the service’s web-enabled chat interface (requires internet connection of some sort).


All in all, the basic purpose of FlockThere is to free you from the hassle of tracing your guests at frequent intervals by constantly calling/texting them, or worrying about their whereabouts. Instead, the app serves the favor in fine style. To further expedite the process of staying in touch with all the participants via messaging, the app also presents you with a handful of most commonly used quick message templates, so that you don’t have to waste any precious time in composing lengthy messages. If, however, you are required to convey your message in detail, there is the option for you to compose a custom message from within the app.


Although the app lets you take a glance at the location of all participants via map, there is also an option to keep your own location concealed. Moreover, the app helps you create multiple Flock groups using selected contacts, so that you can always invite a specific group of people whenever there is an event organized that involves the same contacts.

When launched, the app prompts you to log in using a valid FlockThere ID. Don’t have one? You can grab a fresh account for yourself from within the app for free. Once past that, the app helps you get a grip of all the various features on offer via a couple of tutorial screens.


After that, you are taken to the app’s homescreen, which presents you with a couple of tabs at the bottom, namely Invite Flock (so create and send new invitations to selective contacts), Flocks (to view your active and upcoming Flocks), and Settings (to modify the app’s main preferences).

A Flock new invitation needs to be filled with all the required info, including the Flock title, start/end time, and location. While within an active Flock, you can start tracing and texting your contacts via a unified screen. The top segment of the screen is dedicated to displaying your chat messages in bubble style whereas the bottom half of the screen lets you view the current location of each participant on map via relevant placemarks. Using the tabs at the bottom of the screen, you can Locate All participants with a mere tap, send a custom/quick Message to them, and/or decide whether you wish to turn your own location Sharing On/Off.


Remember that a Flock only remains active for a user-specified time period during which you can stay in touch with the participants. The app notifies you about each new shared message via notification alerts and push notification.

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