Quickly Set A Name Range For Data Cells Range

The Name Ranges feature makes it easy to call/use the source data set in formulas and functions without having to select the source data set by hand. If you’ve just started using Excel, then you may know that Excel requires you to specify the data range in order to apply formulas and functions to produce the required results. Since it may become quite tedious to select the entire data range, you can use Name Ranges feature to give an appropriate name to the selected data range, and then use it in formulas to refer to the source data set. Excel 2010, just like previous versions, offers an easy way to name a data range. All it requires you to select the data range that you wish to give a name, and define its name range. Once done, you can call the data set anywhere in your workbook by its name instead of source data range. In this post we will explain how you can define a new name range in your spreadsheet.

To begin, select the data source for which you wish to create a name range. You can select the cells contiguously as well as non-contiguously. If you want to select the data source non-contiguously, hold down the Ctrl key and then select the cells you want to include in the name range. Once done, move to Name box, and give the data source a name. This will define the name range. It’s recommended to verify the name range after creating one, so that you can use it in your formulas and functions, without any issues.

To verify the name range, deselect the range and select it again to check whether it shows the specified name in the Name box or not. If it does, then you’re good to go, otherwise you have to select the correct data source or re-define it according to the requirements.

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