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We are currently seeking a qualified individual to provide support for the delivery of musical support as the musician, including choir director and organist for Liturgical (General) Protestant worship services and for special/seasonal services, as well as funeral and memorial services. Services shall be performed at Marine Memorial Chapel, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA, various other locations aboard MCB Quantico and the Semper Fidelis Chapel at the National Museum of the Marine Corps when requested. The individual shall provide the required service for Sunday 1030 Worship Services; 15 units of Service/Hours. The individual shall perform all the services as listed below.

General Duties:

  • Provide instrumentation for all music associated with worship (precludes postludes, congregational music offertories, anthems, choral music, and service music at the regularly scheduled Sunday Liturgical (General) Protestant Services. The individual shall coordinate with the Pastor on all instrumental music and songs for the Divine Service, as well as, the special/seasonal services. There will be a 10-15 minute prelude before the service.
  • Serve as a Choir Director and shall have an awareness of the consideration given to choral ministry in the liturgical and non-liturgical milieu. Also lead 1 choir rehearsal per week.
  • Recommend and provide instrumentation for funerals and memorial services for active duty Marines, for active duty Marine Corps Base Quantico personnel, and/or for family members of active duty MCINCR-MCBQ personnel of the Protestant Faith as needed.
  • Develop, promote, and enhance the choral ministry program in the chapel community.
  • Plan the instrumental music for all regular and special services at the Marine Memorial Chapel or designated worship location on base based on the recommendation of the COR’s religious requirements and other needs.
  • Provide in all instruments, other than the organs and piano in the MMC or designated worship location. Agrees to provide instrumentation (or appropriate substitute) and soloist accompaniment when required for scheduled Protestant Chapel Weddings.
  • Recommend music and provide instrumentation for funerals and memorial services for active duty Marines, for active duty Marine Corps Base Quantico personnel, and/or for family members of active duty MCINCR-MCBQ personnel of the Protestant Faith, as needed. For non-Marine Corps Base Quantico personnel and/or family members, fees for this service will be provided by the family or funeral home. There will be a 15 minute prelude before each funeral/memorial service.
  • Provide recommendations to the individuals representative concerning the proper maintenance of the chapel organs and piano.
  • Able to successfully integrate with volunteers who play instruments other than the piano or organ and welcome them as accompanists and/or instrumentalists for liturgical celebrations.
  • Have a basic familiarity with religious music and be familiar with at least two (2) liturgical music resource-publishing companies. And shall possess an appreciation for both contemporary and traditional church music
  • Provide and pay for a satisfactory substitute when the individual is unable to perform services


  • Provide evidence that they have had a background check completed with no adverse findings.
  • Written evidence of at least five (5) years of current experience as an organist in a military chapel or civilian church.
  • Possess vocal skills to include the ability to sing on key and to be able to recognize a basic melody from musical text. The individual shall be comfortable singing publicly.
  • Demonstrated keyboard proficiency in playing hymns and service music and in accompanying choirs and soloists. Demonstrated proficiency in sight reading hymns from the Armed Forces Hymnal (AFH).
  • Written evidence of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) certification at the basic level.
  • Written evidence of formal training in organ. This training may have been in the form of college courses.
  • Proficient in music harmonization.

Job Type: Contract

Required experience:

  • organist: 5 years
  • miltary chapel or civilian church: 5 years

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7 reviews

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