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It is essential to develop and maintain easy-to-use websites and web applications to achieve the aims and objectives behind the outcome. There are various on-demand load testing tools available out there that analyze your application’s strengths through real-time measurements, session recording, scripting and advanced reporting capabilities to achieve effective web solutions. WebPALTT is an open source web performance and load testing tool meant for web applications. It is equipped with a user friendly scenario builder and customizable scripting feature. The overall working of the program is based on test scenarios that run on a web server with simulated loads. The scenario builder ensures a user-friendly environment coupled with the powerful scripting functionality.

As soon as the installation completes, you will be able to utilize the features from a simple interface. The toolbar holds  essential features like create, open and save WebPALTT files. The left sidebar presents a tabbed menu with Test Definition (allowing you to create, add existing, modify and remove scenarios), Log and Results. On the right side, a useful list of existing scenarios is displayed with emphasis on the number of virtual users allowed, frequency of actions and the unique name for identification purposes. Upon selecting a relevant scenario, the option on the bottom half of the window becomes accessible. Here, you can increase or decrease the number of virtual users allowed by changing the numerical value. The Ramp upload enables you to define rules leading to custom-specified actions during the progress of test considering virtual user count thresholds. In addition, you can enable the option to run scenarios concurrently.

You can create new scenarios, which contain multiple actions running in a sequence, by either clicking the Create Scenario button for automatic configuration or Tools>> Scenario Builder for manual definition.  The Scenario Builder allows you to add or remove useful nodes like Web Request, C Sharp Script, Sleep, Loop, Variable, Folder and the like, accessible from the Scenario menu within the builder. Selecting a specific node reveals further properties that can be changed as per the requirement from the detailed workspace.

WebPALTT Scenario Builder - In Memory

After creating multiple scenarios composed of various actions, you are now in a position to run tests. The Debug Window helps you understand test progress and results in a comprehensive manner. You can restart, play, pause or record tests using the handy buttons in the toolbar of the window. Upon completion, the status is highlighted at the bottom of the window.

WebPALTT Debug Window

All in all, WebPALTT is a powerful and useful utility meant for advanced users, ensuring effective web products and services. We tested the application on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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