Postdoctoral Fellow job – Rady Children’s Hospital – Main Campus – San Diego, CA

Postdoctoral Fellow

Rady Children’s Hospital – Main Campus

San Diego, CA

  • Design studies or experiments
  • Improve and/or develop novel analytical methods for analysis and integration of large-scale, heterogeneous genotype (whole genome NGS) and phenotype (EMR) data sets in order to improve rapid identification of genetic events in clinical samples from pediatric patients, and to be deployed within a clinical setting.
  • Use or develop predictive analytical methods to institute state-of-the-art clinical decision support systems
  • Use and/or develop statistical methods for analyzing population data, for identification of phenotypic and genetic markers
  • Conduct independent research and work collaboratively with other stake holders within the institute, in a fast paced and collaborative environment.
  • Work closely with our industry and academic partners as required, acting as a liaison in translating requirements and/or development end products at either sites.
  • “Own” a project and see it through completion.
  • Conduct studies of related literature and research to support the design and implementation of projects and development of reports, ensuring conceptual relevance, comprehensiveness, and currency of information.
  • Write and publish articles in peer-reviewed journals/digests that highlight findings from research and experimental activities ensuring consistency with the highest standards of academic publication.



  • MD and/or PhD in Molecular Biology, Human Genetics, Bioinformatics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or other related disciplines
  • Proven ability to lead and coordinate complex projects, work within multidisciplinary teams and meet the requirements of diverse stakeholders
  • Experience analyzing NGS data and interpreting variant results within a clinical context
  • Familiar with typical bioinformatics pipelines and (open source) tools for rare mendelian diseases and/or cancer
  • Practical experience with variant annotation tools and databases
  • Strong background in at least one programming language (Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, R), scripting, and statistical analysis software (e.g., R, SPSS, SAS and or equivalent analytical software)
  • Strong scientific problem solving skills, ability to analyze and interpret experimental data, ability to communicate results in a concise manner both verbally and in writing, and have a solid track record of scientific achievement as documented by peer-reviewed scientific journal publications
  • Development experience with databases (MySQL, SQL server, SQLlite, Oracle, Hbase, Neo4j) and big data technologies (Hadoop, Spark, Apache Mahout, Weka)
  • Familiarity with a linux computing environment



Demonstrated strong background in either of:



Algorithm development


Machine learning


HR Use Only:

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