Plant Manager job – Executive Directions & Pinnacle Int’l – Piscataway, NJ

Plant Manager

Executive Directions & Pinnacle Int’l

Piscataway, NJ

Plant Manager

  • Lead the operations team to achieve meets or exceeds scorecard/ performance management ratings for all MBOs and Key Responsibilities.
  • Hire and/or develop talented team players that are accountable for delivering the results as detailed in the annual operating plan and that consistently deliver their best effort.
  • Instill a working culture within the operations team that is execution focused and centered on accountability through properly identifying key initiatives that have defined scopes, EBITDA impacts and timelines.
  • Clearly define and update employee missions and U9 accountability process for all ops employees.
  • Conduct bi-annual performance reviews with your direct reports and ensure reviews are updated and tracked in our Halogen performance system
  • Interface effectively with other functions to maximize success and increase operational expertise across the entire organization (Purchasing, Marketing, Sales, Technology and Finance) as measured by annual 360-degree feedback.
  • Make metrics and initiatives clearly visible through developing informational tools that assist in gaining understanding and awareness throughout the organization.
  • Administer, communicate and support our annual Safety, Wellness, and Recognition programs and establish and communicate by Jan 1 of each year.
  • Achieve our annual operational financial plan and work with Finance to track our operational performance and provide updates to the team.
  • Support our annual operating budget process and submit youre budgetary +/- recommendations to the Finance team by October 31st of each year.
  • Identify and manage a continuous improvement pipeline that delivers $200K +/year in productivity/scrap savings.
  • Work with Finance to create an annual Working Capital target and improvement plan that delivers $100K +/year in efficiency gains.
  • Enhance our communication efforts by consistently participating in monthly plant communication meetings and support efforts to develop methods to enhance our communication effectiveness.
  • Ensure our company policies and programs are consistently administered and followed within all levels of our organization.
  • Develop and communicate clear metricsProductivity, Scrap, Service, Quality, Safety and Housekeeping.
  • Maintain a clear capital project pipeline and detailed justificat ion process that ensures each project goes through a project approval process and has a defined execution plan.
  • Ensure all approved capital projects are on time, on budget, and meeting payback expectations.
  • Maintain a defined continuous improvement project pipeline that identifies productivity and scrap improvement projects by Nov 1 of each year. The pipeline must clearly define the project scope, execution plan, annual savings projection and timeline to completion.
  • Manage the annual capital budget process for site, to be completed by Nov 1 of each year.
  • Create and perform within, an annual maintenance budget that reduces downtime per a defined/target and supports operations with a department and equipment that is clean and maintained to a level that promotes pride of ownership.
  • Must be proficient with Excel.
  • Attributes: Leadership, Safety/Housekeeping Focused, Analytical, Problem Solver, Team Player, Positive, and Accountable

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