PLA-INDY – STEM TEACHER (Technology Specialty) job – Summer Advantage USA – Indianapolis, IN

Phalen Leadership Academies

TECHNOLOGY TEACHER – Elementary/Middle

Phalen Leadership Academies is seeking a Technology Teacher for their PLA@103 site starting with the 2016-2017 school year just around the corner. Create, manage and participate in a variety of learning environments and activities that provide opportunities for scholars to develop to their fullest potential and achieve their learning objectives. Participate collaboratively and professionally with other faculty and staff to promote the general well-being of the school, and collective /individual interest of its staff and student body. Actively participate in professional development, practice self-assessment, reflective practice and strive for continuous improvement.

Formalize lesson plans weekly for upcoming instructional period: then modify, as needed, based on feedback gained through implementation and evaluation process.

Prepare assignments and needed materials before the beginning of each activity.

Develop and implement an appropriate classroom management system including classroom routines and orderly transition strategies for scholars.

Aid scholar in developing self-confidence and a positive self-image by providing an environment of acceptance and support for each scholar.

Encourage initiative and a sense of responsibility for learning in scholars.

Provide opportunities for creating learning.

Effectively implement curriculum content, standards, and best practice teaching methodologies including technology.

Collaborate with classroom teachers to support and enhance the instructional program.

Present lessons in a clear, well-organized and logical structure, using a clear, easily understood voice that embraces enthusiasm and optimism.

Provide scholars with teacher modeling, guided practice and support that allows scholars to move towards demonstrating skills and competencies independently.

Demonstrate a sound knowledge of subject matter and utilize technology as required to support scholar learning.

Use a variety of instructional materials such as contextual, supplemental, teacher-constructed, teaching bulletin boards, audio-visual, hands-on, discovery and activity-based learning.

Provide activities that actively engage scholars in learning tasks, which are related to curriculum goals.

Reflect an attitude and behaviors that value diversity and a growth mindset

Use results of formal testing and a variety of other assessments to evaluate student progress and instructional effectiveness, as required.

Bachelor’s degree in the specialty to be taught or equivalent.

Teacher credential as specified under state regulations.

Advanced degree in education preferred.

Previous teaching experience required.


To apply, visit and complete online application.

Phalen Leadership Academies is an equal opportunity employer.

Phalen Leadership Academies participates in E-Verify in all states that require.

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