Pillarbox Provides You With A Distraction-Free Writing Interface

Do you often find yourself distracted while writing articles or other material? Writing original and creative material requires high level of concentration and attention, and even minor distractions can cause writers to lose focus very quickly. Pillarbox, a Google Chrome extension, solves this problem by providing you with a distraction free writing interface. Pillarbox comes with a full-screen, plain interface that can help you stay focused on your work. The extension works offline as it saves your work locally, and not on an online server. Pillarbox has extensive options, using which you can modify the look of your interface according to your preference.

The extension has a simple interface with very few buttons cluttering your writing area. Special features include a timer and a live word count, as well as auto-saving of write ups. The number of words you have typed, the remaining words and goal (you can set a predefined number) are all displayed at the bottom of the page in a toolbar. Furthermore, you can also set the time to a specific number of minutes in which you must complete whatever you are writing.

Pillarbox options are quite extensive. You will find four basic categories, including General, Page Appearance, Toolbar Appearance and Custom CSS. You can enable Typewriter Scrolling, Live Spell Check, 24-hour Clock and Bidirectional from the General category. In addition to that, you can also choose a background color from the drop down menu.The Page Appearance category allows you to set your own Background color, Font, Text Color, Page Color, Font size and so on, along with the choice of changing Toolbar Appearance. People familiar with CSS can modify the interface to suit their own preferences.

Pillarbox options

Pillarbox not only sports a distraction-free interface, but also saves work locally, making it useful even without an internet connection. It offers live word count, writing timer and numerous other helpful writing tools. Visit the link below to install Pillarbox.

Install Pillarbox Extension For Google Chrome

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