PhotoTag Lets You Add A Description To Your Photos & Videos [Jailbreak]

I love how iOS 7 sorts my photos into collections because I am very unlikley to do it myself. iOS 7 does indeed makes it easier to pick photos and sort them into albums and if you’re looking for more ways to organize your photos, give PhotoTag a try. It’s a free Cydia tweak available in the insanelyi repository that lets you add a description to individual photos. Given that the camera app already records information like location and the time when the photo was taken, you are left with the freedom to add other types of information to it that the camera can’t capture. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to how long the description can be.

Install PhotoTag from Cydia and open the Photos app. Tap a photo and you will see a bar that says tap to add photo description.

photo tag  add description

When you tap the bar, a text input box pops up for entering the description and as stated earlier, it can be as long as you want it to be. You can tap Ok when you’ve finished entering the description or tap cancel to return to your photo.

description photo with description

The tweak is great for when you visit places and would like to remember what a site is called when photographing it. It’s also great if you’re out with a large group of people taking photos and want to remember everyone to tag on Facebook when you post the photos. You can also add a description to videos but the description bar is hidden behind seek bar at the top.

The tweak is pretty good but it has its shortcomings. You can delete the text in a description but that will not return it to its default state where the description bar reads ‘tap to add photo description’. It’s not a big deal of course but it may confuse you to see a blank bar overlaid on an image. The main problem is with the length of the description that’s shown on the photo. The tweak lets you enter as long a description as you want but it doesn’t truncate it on the photo after a certain number of characters. This means that if you add a long description to a photo you will see a long wall of text which disappears only when you tap the screen to hide the other photo options.

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