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Months after its acquisition by StumbleUpon, the video recommendation engine 5by finally made its way to iOS and Android around the end of January. StumbleUpon acquired the start-up back in September 2013 with the aim to provide users with custom-tailored videos that can reflect their moods, ambiance and situation. The concept remains similar to StumbleUpon’s current offering: it dishes out videos from different sources that specifically target the selected situation or mood. In other words, 5by is the video equivalent of StumbleUpon. Read on after the jump to find out how it works.

5by pulls videos from different sources, but mostly you’ll be watching videos from YouTube. Thanks to deep YouTube integration, you can expect a gargantuan library of content including videos related to celebrities, technology, music, entertainment, how-tos and everything in between. The UI is elegant and intuitive on both supported platforms.


When launched, 5by demands a few details about yourself, for instance, your current mood, what your friends think about you, what you’re into, etc. This initial questionnaire is meant to help the app create personalized playlists from an index of millions of videos. That’s not all; it learns your changing interests over time as well. After that, you also need to sign up with the service, which can be quickly done via your Facebook or email account.

5by_Sign in


The interface boasts multiple animated backgrounds that it cycles through on every launch. Swiping in from the very left edge of the screen pulls out 5by’s navigatin menu, which lets you recustomize your personalized video index.


After telling the app what you’re interested in, 5by also asks how much idle time you have on your hand. Simply slide your finger over the time dial around the play button to set a desired number of minutes, then hit Play, sit back, relax and watch your own personalized video stream.


The playback screen displays the duration of current video, its source, as well as buttons to toggle HD format, rate the video, Like and post it on Facebook.


The app is available for free on iOS and Android. Download it to your device from the appropriate link below.

Download 5by for Android

Download 5by for iOS

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