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Glue, a Chrome extension, is your personal clipboard that lets you copy-paste text, images and links in a fast and elegant way. Copy-pasting items or bookmarking websites for later use can not only take time, but can also result in a lot of clutter. This nifty little tool may come useful in situations where you have to copy text and take a lot of screenshots. The Glue web application comes with a basic-looking interface, which is very easy to navigate around. With it, you can copy items from the right-click context menu, add tags and save them quickly to your personal Glueboard. A “Glued” item can be edited or deleted later with ease. Not only does the extension let you save bits and pieces of information, but also lets you instantly share them with your friends on Twitter. Moreover, Glued items are saved and displayed with auto-generated titles and source links, which you can either view or copy afterwards.

To glue an item, browse to a website of your choice and select the Glue it! option from the right-click context menu.

The text, link or image will be displayed in a pop-up window with Glue it!, keep adding and open Glueboard options. Once you’ve added tags, simply hit the Glue it! button to add it to your Glueboard.

Once text, images or links have been glued, you will be able to access them from the Glueboard, which organizes and displays items with tags in a clutter-free interface. Each individual item can then be opened, deleted, or shared.


Glue lets you organize content by tags and alleviates the problem of bookmarking less important, yet noteworthy, items. Additionally, it allows you to view your favorite images, links or information in a unique and interesting way, without cluttering your bookmarks bar or folders.

Install Glue For Google Chrome

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