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PCS Technician

Samsung Austin Semiconductor, LLC

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Austin, TX

Summary / Overview:
PCS is responsible for the purchasing, installation, set-up, maintenance, improvement, and removal for the vacuum pumps (P), chillers and heat exchangers (C), and gas abatement scrubbers (S), used by the main process equipment for all groups. PCS maintains service contracts with our equipment OEM’s, and those 8 vendors, ~100 people maintain the day-to-day operation and maintenance of our equipment. The responsibility of our technicians is to manage this vendor staff to complete timely and high quality repairs to the equipment, as well as engage in troubleshooting excessively difficult and high priority items.

Specific Job Duties:

  • The PCS technician will be responsible for all aspects of operations in the PCS team.
  • These responsibilities include:
  • Coordination between engineering groups and auxiliary equipment vendors to complete scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks.
  • The ability to perform Quality Assurance inspections of others work.
  • Be able to schedule and prioritize tasks with little or no supervision.
  • Perform actual maintenance tasks on vacuum pumps, chillers, and scrubbers in times of need.
  • A strong focus on quality workmanship (or verification of work performed by vendors) is crucial to success in this position.
  • Will be required to support various engineering CIP projects within the PCS department.
  • Vendor management
  • Specific tasks may require specialized PPE including use of airline respirator

Location: Austin, TX

Necessary Skills / Attributes

  • Typically requires 5 years of related experience
  • Semiconductor or high volume manufacturing experience preferred
  • Position requires good technical knowledge electro/mechanical equipment
  • Candidate should have working knowledge of electronics/avionics as well as mechanical aptitude
  • Ideal candidate would also possess experience in semiconductor equipment maintenance, experience with vacuum systems, and/or HVAC refrigerant handling
  • Working knowledge of MS Excel and Power point
  • Effectively communicate both orally and written

Education, Training, Certification(s):

  • 2 year college degree or technical school certification or equivalent experience preferred

1,865 reviews

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