outSSIDer – Quick Unencrypted WiFi Scanner/Finder

So you go out(taking laptop with you) and are lost in the center of a metropolitan city with no internet connection. You roam around for hours trying to find a good internet connection, most are encrypted(password protected), some are bad, and others are dead. You go from one cafe to another but don’t want to pay for an internet connection, how are you going to find unencrypted WiFi?

Meet outSSIDer. It is a portable little utility that helps you find unencrypted wifi around you. All you need to do is hit Start Scanning, close your lid, and start walking with a laptop.

It will make a sound when an unencrypted wireless connection is detected. But when the signal gets better, it will make repeated sounds alerting you to stop now. Just make sure you don’t stop in the middle of the road.

outssidersignal outSSIDer – Quick Unencrypted WiFi Scanner/Finder

Here is how it works, when an unencrypted wireless connection is detected, it will start downloading a small Google favicon. If it is successful, then it will alert you(by playing ‘ding’ sound) that the connection is working, otherwise it will play a hihat which means that the current connection is dead and you should continue walking.

Download outSSIDer

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are supported. Enjoy!

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