Organize Notes, Todos, and Events From Calendar

Even in the digital era, organizing various aspects of your life is never easy. In fact, truth be told, it’s become more difficult now than it was before, thanks to the extra piles of data that you need to arrange, be it notes, task or shopping lists, or your calendar. For people fumbling between software for personal information management, here’s the dealmaker! With Chandler, you get almost everything that you desired from a PIM software, and then some. Combining your calendar, to-do list, meeting schedules, emails, ability to sync with webcal and ICAL calendars, this software offers a one-stop solution to all your info management needs.

Editor’s Notes: We believe that Chandler is a serious competitor to most popular services out there. Most users who have not been satisfied with Remember The Milk, Google Calendar, Zoho, Mozilla Sunbird, Code Project, SpiceBird, and more such services and tools, have settled on Chandler.

Some of the highlights offered by Chandler are the ability to import and export tasks, synchronization with CalDAV (Apple iCal 3.x, Lightning) calendars, searching through your information database and securing it with a master password, among various others.

Chandler offers a quick entry bar where you can enter everything from ideas to reminders, appointments, tasks etc. The smart date parsing will assist you all the way in using these features. The software allows labeling items as Now, Later or Done, making it easy to keep on schedule with deadlines and key timelines. It also supports alarm features and can move items automatically to Now labels based on these alarms.

Chandler’s calendar supports color coding, previews, overlays, recurring events and time zone adjustments.

image19 Chandler: Organize Notes, Todos, and Events From Calendar

One of the best features offered by this tool is backup facility and web access. Using Chandler Hub, you can sync the software across multiple computers, sync with your Apple, Google and Mozilla calendars, add new items to Chandler from iGoogle, and download email through the IMAP protocol. All this for free.

Chandler also supports sharing and collaboration, where you can share your personal calendars, maintain group calendars, collaborate and brainstorm with teammates, check individual progress in a group task, edit and resend items with updates and lots more.

The software is a bit on the heavy side, and takes its time to load and get ready for use. However, this minor inconvenience aside, it is the most powerful PIM that we have seen in a while.

Chandler was tested on Windows 7 OS, and found to be working fine.

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