NumberGuru Brings Reverse Caller ID Look Up To Windows Phone 7

Every once in a while, some mysterious number is bound to appear on your mobile phone’s display screen which is not saved to your contacts. If by any chance you miss the call, or the text you received isn’t conclusive enough, you will keep wondering who the caller is. Besides, it takes all sort of people to make up the world and some people intentionally hide their identification from you as they might be calling to spam you or for any other unpleasant purpose. But for all the Windows Phone 7 users facing this situation, NumberGuru has flown into the Marketplace on his magic carpet! Thanks to this amazingly useful app you will be able to see complete details of most of people who try calling you. Number Guru is particularly useful if you want to know all the specifics of a telemarketer, or the owner of any #800 number. You can also use the app to find out information related to businesses and even your friends.

Number Guru Input

The app comes with an attractive, yet simple interface and makes you want to use it even when you don’t need it very much. Whenever you want to look up a number’s particulars, just fire up NumberGuru, input the number using the dialer in the app and hit Go. You will see the results (name to which the number is registered and its location) pertaining to the entered number immediately. The ever-growing database of Number Guru covers almost the whole US (except for Verizon Wireless).

Number Guru SearchNumber Guru History

If the number you searched for was a spammer, then you can add a comment to your search result, which will alert future users to the fact that the number they entered belongs to a spammer. The app is targeted at US users only, but others can benefit from it by using the entries made in comments by previous users.
The two icons you’ll see at the bottom of the screen are History and Support. History stores all your NumberGuru searches to date along with the dates you searched for them.

A pretty useful app if you’re living in the US and own a WP7 device. The app presents a perfect combination of user feedback and the service’s own database to come up with pretty accurate information, and this ensures that you never have to receive an unknown call ever again. NumberGuru is a free app, which makes all the features we just described sound even better.

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