Nokia Booklet 3G Will Ship With Windows 7

Nokia has recently announced its entry into the computer market with its first ever mini-laptop computer Nokia Booklet 3G. Today Nokia has announced that Booklet 3G will ship with Windows 7. This is a good news for Microsoft, as it is facing competition from its rivals and some vendors have announced that they their notebooks will host Ubuntu operating systems.

Netbooks are becoming more and more popular as the market for a small, portable laptop that can be used in compact spaces while on the go increases. As more and more manufacturers enter the notebook manufacturing arena, we are starting to see great improvements in specs, form factor, features and battery life. As the gap between phones and conventional computers decreases, it isn’t surprising to see Nokia entering this market that builds upon mobility.

Booklet 3G promises many things, it comes with a built in A-GPS functionality. This functionality will utilise Windows Sensor and Location Platform which mean you computer and programs will be location aware. This is a significant steps towards location aware computing. With built in 3G/HSPA capabilities, it will also utilise Windows 7’s mobile broadband enhancements. The Nokia Booklet 3G + Windows 7 is an exciting combination. Even when it comes to just the looks, it’s a killer, as you can see for yourself.

21nokia booklet 3g group 300x300 Nokia Booklet 3G Will Ship With Windows 7

With 12 hours of battery life, its perfect for all day mobility. The sleek, stylish body is made up of aluminum which is strong and robust and it requires no fan, so welcome to a very quite computing experience. In addition, the HD display thin and light weight body, 3G and Wifi connectivity, Nokia’s OVI services, millions of songs from Nokia Music Store, Maps with A-GPS, better synchronisation options and above all Windows 7 make it perhaps the best netbook available out there. To watch more of the Booklet 3G in action, check out this video here.

As the pressure on Nokia increases due to the smartphone market expanding with Apple’s iPhone coming up as a winner so far, and Android gaining market share at an amazing pace, it seems the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer has started to look into diversifying its portfolio with this offering. Is this the right track to pursue, or should Nokia just concentrate on phones, ditch the dying Symbian and embrace Android, or just try coming out with a decent and modern smartphone OS of its own? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, don’t forget to let us know of what you think, in the comments below.

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