Newsify For iPhone Presents Your Google Reader Feed Like A Newspaper

Owing to its importance for a large number people, Google Reader has got a variety of clients on almost all major platforms. As iOS has the most apps in its App Store, compared to all other smartphone platforms, it makes sense that it has got a respectable amount of Google Reader clients as well. Mostly a service’s client is considered good if it provides all the features present in the original offering. There are many iPhone apps that do that pretty comprehensively, but the newly released Newsify goes a step further, and brings a whole new interface to Google Reader on your iPhone. This elegant app displays all the items in your Reader account as part of a personalized newspaper. Apart from that, you can manage all other aspects of your feeds with complete ease and convenience.

 Newsify Feeds

Using Newsify is easy, and at no point will you have to perform a lot of complicated steps to set up or manage your account. To get started, just login to your Google account and the app will sync all the relevant data automatically. The main page of the app shows all the folders you might have set up on your account, as well as the feeds which are outside the folders. Favicons are supported for most added sources. Newsify displays badges against each source, displaying the number of unread articles. When you enter any source, only the unread articles from it are displayed by default, but you can view other items as well by choosing that option through the icon in the top right corner. Read items are greyed out, while newer ones are shown on top. If you want to view the feeds in a more orthodox fashion, there is the classic view in Newsify, which rearranges the items in a line.

Newsify Article Newsify Settings

Each article opened in the app can also be viewed in the browser. From the bottom bar in articles, you can mark them as read/ unread, add them to favorites or share it with anyone via email, or on your social network. The Settings menu in Newsify will let you choose the order in which articles under each source appear, and it is also possible to resize the font. One of the best things about Newsify is that it supports badges, and they are displayed on the app’s Springboard icon as soon as a new item becomes available in your Reader account.

The app is free for a limited time, and if you are a user of Reader, don’t miss this opportunity to grab this wonderful app.

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