New Features In Firefox 42 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 42 is out for both desktop and Android. There is a long list of amazing features aimed at a better user experience as well as security improvements. Desktop users will now be able to view which tabs are playing sound and mute them from a UI indicator on the tab. It’s easier to insert saved login credentials on a web page via the right-click context menu, and to view passwords from it. There is a new control center for security information regarding websites, and a tracking protection feature now available for private browsing sessions. Android users can now look up and edit passwords from the about:login page, speak search queries directly, and also turn on tracking protection for private browsing.

Firefox 42 Desktop

Sound Indicators On Tabs

Open a tab and play a video in it in Firefox 42 and you will see a sound indicator on the tab. Clicking the indicator lets you mute the tab. More importantly, you can use it to see which tab is playing a video ad.


Tracking Protection In Incognito Mode

Tracking protection in incognito mode was added because Mozilla felt that users had high expectations with regards to privacy when browsing in incognito mode. The protection has to be enabled from the Privacy tab on the about:preferences page and it prevents saving cookies, searches, history, and temporary files. It is enabled by default for Android users.


Control Center For Site Security

This is basically a revamped version of the security information pop up that you got when you clicked the padlock icon in the URL bar.


View & Insert Login Information

This is perhaps the feature that people will find the most useful. Right-click on a page that you’ve saved login information for and you can insert alternative login credentials and view your saved logins for that page.


Firefox 42 Android

Direct Voice Input In URL Bar

You can now speak a search query by tapping the microphone button in the URL bar in Firefox. Regardless of what you say, speaking will only serve to save you the typing effort. You will still manually have to tap enter.

ff-42-1 ff-42-2

View & Edit Saved Login Information

You can now go to about:login and view the login information you’ve saved for any and all domains. Tap a set of credentials to edit them. You can also copy the credentials to the clipboard and delete them if you want.

ff-42-3 ff-42-4

Features for developers have rolled out including one that lets you create filters for CSS presets, and to save your filters as presets. You can read the full release notes for Firefox desktop and Android on Mozilla’s official site.

Download Firefox 42 For Desktop

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