Negotiate, Save, and Invest: Insider Financial Planning Advice

In case you haven’t heard, today we’re observing a little something called Equal Pay Day—a symbolic day intended to raise awareness of the gender pay gap. There seemed no better person to chat with about personal finance than Sallie Krawcheck, the owner of Ellevate Network and CEO of Ellevest, a financial-planning site for women.

Krawcheck’s got some strong opinions on money management (more than two credit cards? cut ’em up) and staying competitive in the workplace (don’t let your skills go dormant), understanding all too well the price women pay for career breaks. The key in bridging the gap is for women to not only understand what they’re worth and how time off may impact their professional climb and return to work, but to also appreciate how essential honing their skills in the interim is. This can be done by taking classes, volunteering, doing part-time projects, freelancing.

Krawcheck’s advice is valuable whether you’ve just decided to start saving (and investing), just finished paying off your school loans, or just asked your boss for a sabbatical so you can raise a family.

Photo courtesy Sallie Krawcheck.

Graph depicting wage discrepancies (and information on how they were calculated) courtesy of Ellevest. Copyright 2016-2017 Ellevate Financial, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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