NCEffect Adds A Cool Transition Effect To iPhone Notification Center

The default gesture used for launching the Notification Center on iOS devices (downwards swipe on the status bar) is a pretty convenient one, and appears to be the most natural choice for that task. As is often the case in smartphone platforms, something that is too convenient isn’t really good-looking. The swipe down gesture for Notification Center is begging to be accompanied by an animation that complements the falling down of NC, and you are sure to agree with that once you have given NCEffect a shot. This Cydia tweak adds a new animation to the process of launching Notification Center, and your Springboard (or any other app that is currently opened) will appear to buckle under the NC’s weight when you pull it down. To understand the tweak better, read on and take a look at the screenshot past the break.

 NCEffect Animation

Instead of falling over your jailbroken iPhone’s Springboard, NCEffect makes sure that the Notification Center doesn’t hide any contents of the screen while coming down. This is achieved by compressing the Springboard (or a currently opened app), making it appear smaller and smaller as you go on pulling the NC down. In other words, the Springboard does not stay unaffected by the cascading of Notification Center, and you will be able to follow its movement in a whole new manner.

NCEffect is a really simple tweak, and you do not have to set anything up after installing it to your iOS device. It adds no Springboard or Settings menu, and adds the new animation right after you install it. Probably the best feature of this cosmetic tweak is its compatibility throughout iOS. This means that the NCEffect animation will show up in all places where the Notification Center can be launched. This looks really awesome when you slide down the Notification Center while running a game, or within an app that has got some elaborate graphics. So, if you are interested in giving your device’s NC a makeover, do give NCEffect a try. Its free, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. For some users, the tweak might cause a bit of lag in the launching of the Notification Center, but that is only to be expected on older iOS devices that are already a little slow to begin with. On our iPhone 4, however, everything worked pretty smoothly, and the animation looked awesome.

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