Music Discovery & Sharing App Exfm Finally Hits The Android Market

There are numerous smartphone apps out there that help you discover new music, and we here at AddictiveTips love discovering such apps. Today we bring some good news for music-loving Android users. The famous online music discovery and sharing service, Exfm, has finally released its official client for Android that lets you explore music other app users like, and also lets you share your personal favorites with them. Exfm for iOS was released earlier this summer, while its Android variant just landed on the Market. Like its iOS variant, Exfm for Android packs all the handy features that the service is known for. For instance, you can add music tracks to your favorites list, listen to songs that your friends or the Tastemakers (worldwide music bloggers) are listening to, purchase personal favorites from Amazon, switch to locally stored music while offline, manage your Exfm profile right from your device and lots more.


To start using the app, you need to log in with a valid Exfm account. First-time users can set up a fresh account from within the app for free. The app helps new users understand its features through a brief how-to guide displayed at startup.

03-Exfm-Android-Player 06-Exfm-Android-Playlist

Under the Feed tab on the app’s homescreen, you have a couple of additional tabs, namely Following and Tastemakers. The Following tab lists all the music tracks that your friends are listening to, while the Tastemakers tab displays all the music that is being listened to by music bloggers and other app users. Tapping on a user’s profile photo displays their Exfm profile from where you can start following a user, view all the tacks ‘Loved’ by him/her and find out all the other users that he/she is following. Tapping on a track title launches the app’s neatly designed native music player that contains playlist controls, and options for sharing, liking and buying songs.

07-Exfm-Android-Profile 04-Exfm-Android-Local

The second tab on the app’s homescreen keeps a track of your personal Exfm activities while the Local tab lists all the music that is stored on your SD card. Finally, the Settings tab can contains options that allow you to manage your Exfm profile and associate your social network accounts with the service.

05-Exfm-Android-Follow 08-Exfm-Android-Settings

Like its web and iOS variants, Exfm for Android is an excellent tool to discover new music and remain apprised of what you friends and other users from all across the globe are currently listening to.

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