Motion FX Augments Your Movies & Pictures With 5 Effects [Mac]

Webcams have become pretty much of an everyday accessory/feature in computers, whether you buy them separately or they come built in to your systems, they are as common now as speakers. Under the premise that most people have a webcam and have Skyped with friends and family and even trolled a few people on ChatRoulette, there is always the desire to do more with a webcam. Motion FX is a Mac app that allows you to add effects when recording or snapping pictures via webcam. As opposed to substituting your head with that of an alien, it detects movements and adds color effects, warps images and more.

The app offers five different kinds of effects; Motion detection, Face Detection, Color Detect, Effect Paint and Video Warp. To switch between different effects, click the button for the respective effect on the app window. The app supports two modes, snapshot mode and movie making mode, that you can switch between using the two button at the center of the window.

Once installed, select whether you want to snap a picture or make a movie and switch to the relevant mode. The snapshot button works in both modes and snaps a picture of whatever is in the camera’s view after adding the selected effect. Each time you switch an effect, the app shows on screen which effect has been activated and small animations at the bottom of the app preview the effect.Motion FX adding effects

All effects are either mouse triggered or they automatically detect movement. Effects can be applied equally well to pictures and to movies. To record a movie, select the button with the camcorder on it to switch to movie making mode and click Start Recording. You can add as many effects as you like and switch between effects during the movie. When you’ve finished recording, click Finish Recording and the app will auto save the movie in MOV format. You can see the Face Detection effect in the screenshot below, our Mobile Editor, Sameed, bravely volunteered to be in the shot.

Motion FX

The app does not let you apply two effects at the same time but they are amazing on their own and can make for a lot of creative movie making. The motion detection is excellent as are the effects applied on face detection. The app can support multiple cameras and allows you Cycle through the effects for smoother transition during video making.

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