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Market Employee Wellbeing Leader

Mercy Health

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Cleveland Heights, OH

This position is responsible for the development and implementation of employee well-being programs intended to build a culture of health, facilitate behavior change, reduce health risks, motivate and improve healthy lifestyle choices amongst the diverse Mercy Health employee benefits plan population. This position will assist with program strategy and development of programs, policies, services to meet the entire Mercy Health population’s needs, as well as utilize data to create region-specific programs and initiatives specific to that region’s needs. This position will provide day-to-day project and vendor management. This position will assist with program evaluation to document program value including participant satisfaction, behavior change, health outcomes and economic benefits.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities:

Region Based Leadership (50%)

•Plan and implement region specific initiatives based on the health needs, interests and achievable outcomes of the region population

•Create energy around the health and wellness strategy

•Educate and communicate well-being strategy to various stakeholder groups at the region level in order to create greater understanding and engagement

•Serve as well-being program resource on the region HR team

•Lead region specific well-being champions network in order to create grassroots support and understanding of the wellness program offerings, as well as a serve as a feedback channel

•Identifyand implement policies and practices that help to further embed a culture of health and well-being into the business fiber of Mercy Health and the specific regions

Well-being Program Development & Implementation (25%)

•Develop, implement and oversee variousprograms throughout the Mercy Health system

•Develop operation procedures and maintain ongoing quality improvement, as well as coordinate problem resolution.

•Coordinate and implement system-wide campaigns, programs and events

•Establish and carryout standard procedures across the system

•Collaborate with other areas of HR and other internal resources to ensure flawless and efficient execution of program

Vendor/Partner Relationship Management (20%)

•Assist with the selection of external vendor partners, as well as develops and matures existing internal Mercy Health relationships

•Managevendor and partnership relationships on a day-to-day basis and hold them accountable for service deliverables and performance guarantees

•Contribute to vendor partner summits as necessary

•Create linkages and interfaces between vendor partners for better program integration and messaging

Data & Measurement (5%)

•Monitor program metrics, run/requestdata queries and prepare reports and presentations using metrics.

•Analyze reports availablethrough well-being partners to identify health management trends and opportunities at both the system and region levels.

•Work with both internal and external partners to create dashboards for various audiences / stakeholder groups to demonstrate impact of wellness efforts


Full-Time 40 hours per week

Day shift


180 reviews

Mercy Health makes quality healthcare easy to help our patients and community be well in body, mind and spirit. As a premier healthcare…

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