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Do you wish to sort your ever-growing movie collection with respect to the movie title, genre etc? Or have you ever felt the need to queue the movies that you want to watch, or keep record of the ones that your friends have borrowed, but never really bothered to return? Better Movie Manager for Windows Phone 7 does all that for you. Along with advanced search for the latest and old movies, you are just one touch away from organizing your movie collection. You can make your own movie list, search for new movies, delete movies from the existing list, and make a wishlist of all the movies you want to watch. Read on after the break for more.


Once you have installed this app, you can start making your movie list by tapping the plus icon from the menu at the bottom. Better Movie Manager looks up the name you entered, and you can add the movie to your favorites or regular movies list. You can also pin the matched title to the movie queue, or tap the center icon to add the name of your friend who has borrowed the movie. Additionally, reminder notes can be attached to any item, letting you remember when you lent it, or when it was due to be returned. You can also delete any movie you had in your list for long, and have seen a million times.

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Pressing the search icon will bring you a screen where you can enter the title of the movie you want to search for. You can also filter down your search by specifying the length of the movie using Longer Than or Shorter Than. The Stats icon will show you the genres you have sorted your movies with, while the settings icon lets you choose the Library Display Type and the Default Format when adding a movie.

Better Movie Manager also offers a fun game with its Tagline Trivia, that lets you guess the name of the movie by its tagline or Order Up (where you can sort movies in the order of their year of release). This app is available for free at Windows Phone Marketplace, & and is ad-supported.

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