Manage Daily To-Do Lists & Long-Term Plans Side-By-Side [Chrome]

There are many task management tools available online, but most of them come with a lot of features and are too complicated. If you want something simple and don’t want to get loads of reminders, emails or notifications, then might be what you’re looking for. The Chrome extension basically provides you with a weekly planner, where you can list down daily tasks that you need to accomplish for the week, and at the same time, define and keep an eye on your long-term goals.

The extension has three parts to it – Envision, Plan & Do and Reflect. The Envision section lets you set long-term goals, the Plan & Do option is your weekly planner where you can organize, drag & drop daily tasks and cross out completed ones, whereas the the Reflect option allows adding journal entries.

To start off, click the button in the toolbar and start typing in your daily tasks. WeekPlan lets you add as many tasks as you want, drag them from one day to another, click tasks to cross them out or remove them from the list completely. Moreover, you can add an exclamation mark (‘!’) at the end of each task to mark it as urgent or important; this will make it appear in a red, bold font.

Within the Envision category, you can specify a Mission Statement, Values, Long-Term Goals and Achievements for plans tied to your not-so-near future.


WeekPlan may be a little too simple or bland for some users but its ability to tie important routine tasks with your long-term goals is what makes it worth a try. The link provided below will take you to its Chrome Web Store page.

Install For Google Chrome

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