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New to the Android Market, The Social Radio For Twitter takes a unique and innovative approach to keeping you apprised of all your latest tweets. The app makes sifting through the ‘text-based’ tweets appearing on your Twitter Timeline a thing of the past. Instead, it reads them out to you as they come in. The app’s interface resembles the looks and functionality of a radio player that reads aloud Twitter updates, trending topics or any searched content, with your favorite music tracks playing in the background. The app, emulating the ways of a real radio broadcast, uses an audio fade-in/out effect on the TTS voice before and after reading a new tweet. That’s not all; the app supports reading various common emoticons and text abbreviations in tweets, and automatically detects the language of each tweet.


To begin using the app, you must, of course, connect it to your Twitter ID. To listen to your Twitter Timeline, tap the Tune in to your timeline button under the Home tab. After playing a signature tune, the app fetches all your recent tweets and reads them aloud one-by-one. You can opt to play your favorite music in the background by hitting the Turn your music on! option from this screen. All you need to do is pick your favorite tracks or playlist from the SD card.

The-Social-Radio-For-Twitter-Android-Player The-Social-Radio-For-Twitter-Android-Trends

Oddly enough, the app doesn’t sport a native music player, so all the music is played via the stock Music app or a third-party music player of your choice. On the app’s radio interface, you have media controls and a button for manually checking for new tweets. While playing your tweets, the app keeps you apprised of the number of unread ones.

Other tabs on the app’s homescreen can be used to listen to content from your Twitter Lists, trending topics (Trends) or a topic of your choice (Search). From the app’s settings screen (Menu > Settings), you can specify the time interval after which you want the app to fetch new tweets automatically, and the Still Active Alert time after which the signature tune should be played (in case no new tweet is received). You can also log out from the app from within the same screen.

The-Social-Radio-For-Twitter-Android-Search The-Social-Radio-For-Twitter-Android-Settings

The app presents yet another new way of receiving Twitter updates on your Android device, and that alone makes it worth a try.

Download The Social Radio For Twitter (for Android)

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