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LinkedIn’s Windows Phone update, which we covered yesterday, was pretty big, but it wasn’t much compared to the complete revamp the social network’s iOS and Android clients have received today. The app’s interface has been overhauled to address a lot of aesthetic and usability issues. Not a lot of people have been huge fans of LinkedIn’s mobile clients, but you should give the updated version a chance since it doesn’t look anything like its previous iterations. In addition to all the UI changes, the app has also gained the capability to let users like and comment on posts without ever leaving the main feed. You can also follow Influencers from within the app. The option to add sections of your choice to the navigation pane has been added to the mix as well.

 LinkedIn iOS Menu LinkedIn iOS Custom

In the latest update, LinkedIn has ditched the old welcome page that had shortcuts for accessing the four different sections of the app. Like most social network mobile clients, the app now displays the ‘Updates’ section whenever it is launched. This hasn’t decreased the accessibility of other sections in any way, though.

You can switch to a different area of LinkedIn by using the sidebar. By default, this area of the app only shows the latest activity from your feed, a summary of your profile and shortcuts to the ‘Jobs’ and ‘People You May Know’ sections. To get more out of this navigation bar, though, users can pin as many shortcuts to it as they want. Hit the ‘Add shortcut’ icon and choose the item you want to access in a single tap.

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Another big improvement that has come to the app with the latest update is the addition of ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Invite’ options to posts within the Updates stream. Previously, you had to open a post to perform these tasks, but now, you can do all that without missing a beat.

If you like receiving updates from LinkedIn ‘Influencers’, you probably follow a few people. The app now facilitates this feature of the network as well; you can easily start following new people right from your smartphone.

For some reason, all these amazing new features haven’t come to the tablet version of the LinkedIn app. You still get the same old welcome page and can’t follow Influencers. As always, all LinkedIn clients are available for free on their respective app stores.

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