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The thrill of discovering something that has been hidden from general view has always held a certain charm for people of all ages. Be it a treasure hunt, or just some small scavenging game, coming across a hidden stash is sure to make your day. This is the principle the new iOS app, Stashpix, is based upon. The app lets you view photos or albums shared by other users, but the distinguishing feature of Stashpix is that you have to be in the area where the image was originally shared in order to view it. Stashpix displays all the stashes of photos in your vicinity, and lets you add to them as well. In a similar manner, you can leave your mark on any area by creating a virtual stash there, so that future visitors of the location are able to appreciate your shares. It’s like geocaching, but for photos.

 Stashpix Featured

The Nearby Stashes page of Stashpix features one popular album each day, and that album can belong to any location. Apart from this Stash Of The Day, the main page of the app also lists the stashes found near your current location. The app keeps scanning for such albums automatically. When you tap a stash, you are taken to its dedicated page that displays all the photos in it, along with a map of the location where it was created. There are two kinds of albums in Stashpix. Locked albums consist of photos that are added by the original poster only, while anyone can make additions to an unlocked stash.

Stashpix Editor Stashpix Stash

If you want to create a photo stash of your own, Stashpix has an Aviary-powered photo-editing plugin that will let you spruce up your photos before they are added to the current location’s stash list. There are some pretty good photo effects and tools available in the editor, and you can enhance your image in a lot of ways before saving it to the album. Once a stash has been created, you cannot add more photos to it unless you are again at the same location (although photos can be deleted). Stashpix has a separate menu for letting you manage your own albums, although the location restrictions apply there as well.

Stashpix is a free app, and optimized for iPhone and iPod touch only. If you like a bit of mystery and adventure, head to the App Store link provided below and grab this neat app.

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