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A long, long time ago there was once an exceptionally popular program called TypingTutor. It was popular at a time when computers were just entering schools and offices. People needed to be taught how to type and this program was the go-to program to do just that. It taught users how best to position their hands over a keyboard and which fingers were best used to hit a key. SpeedCoder is a web app built on that very same principle but aimed at coders. It has dedicated tutorials for whichever language it is you code in. The app gives you a code snippet and you type it out. Here’s how you can learn to type code faster with SpeedCoder.

Visit SpeedCoder and click ‘Start Now’ on the right. You can take lessons as a guest user or you can sign up for an account. If you sign up for an account, you will be able to save your progress. Select which language it its you want to code faster in.

You can start typing right away after you select your language of choice.

The app shows you how to position your hands over your keyboard and will highlight which digits to use to strike a particular key. If you get it wrong, the code turns red. If you’d rather practice with your very own code snippet, you can upload it to SpeedCoder and run it through the guide.

SpeedCoder helps you learn to type code faster and more accurately. You might think it’s an unnecessary tool if you can type plain text reasonably well but that isn’t the case. Typing code is very different from typing simple text. Most characters you use when typing simple text are primary keys on your keyboard e.g. the comma and the full stop. The same doesn’t hold true for keys like the greater than and less than keys needed to write code.

SpeedCoder is looking to add more keyboard layouts in future updates. At present, it supports the QWERTY and DVORAK layouts. The UI features ads but they are not intrusive.

Visit SpeedCoder

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