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Lead Business Process Analyst


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Akamai’s Network Process team is looking for a lead business process analyst to identify and model business processes, facilitate stakeholder discussions and build consensus around new business process designs, and identify automation opportunities.

As a Senior Lead Business Analyst your responsibilities include:

  • Identify and understand existing business processes through discussions with individual contributors and leads
  • Create business process models using visual diagrams
  • Lead value stream mapping sessions and other discussions to design and build consensus around improved business processes
  • Analyze current and aspirational process models to determine what needs to change to transition to the improved state
  • Identify opportunities for automation, then write Business Process Management System (BPMS) specifications for software developers
  • Test the BPMS as development is in progress

About the Team

The Networks organization is responsible for Akamai’s EdgePlatform – one of the world’s largest distributed platforms. This platform handles a significant portion of the world’s Internet traffic.

As a member of our nascent Network Process team, you’ll identify, build an understanding of, and model existing business processes. You’ll lead process design discussions with key stakeholders and build consensus around new designs. You’ll find opportunities for automation and act as a consultant during the development of software tools. You’ll also identify what needs to change to transition to newer, more efficient business processes, and help drive these transitions.

You’ll work closely with line managers, product managers, software developers, program managers, subject matter experts and other stakeholders in Akamai’s Networks group. You will also work closely with the larger Network Standards and Productivity groups in Networks.

Required Education and Experience

  • 5 years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree in business or a similar discipline

Required Skills

  • 3-5 years of experience analyzing business processes

Desired Skills

  • Familiarity with lean-management process analysis methods such as Value Stream Mapping
  • Creative thinking skills, a willingness to explore out-of-the-box solutions, and a forward-looking perspective
  • Familiarity with technical computing terms, especially network-related terminology

78 reviews

Founded in 1998, Akamai remains close to its MIT roots in Cambridge, MA, but operates globally with more than 6,000 employees, and…

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