iPhone 3GS Complete Specifications

Apple has announced the next generation iPhone called iPhone 3GS, where the ‘S’ stands for speed. The new iPhone is much more faster than it’s predecessors, according to Apple it loads the applications twice as fast as the original iPhone 3G. Below I have listed the complete specifications in full details.


Launching messages is 2.1x faster, Loading SimCity(videogame) is 2.4x faster, Viewing Excel attachment is 3.6x faster, and loading NY Times is 2.9x faster. Which is a great overall improvement.


It has the same great design as the original iPhone 3G

wwdc2009design iPhone 3GS Complete Specifications

wwdc2009-iphone 3gs


Comes with build-in 3MP autofocus camera. Apart from autofocus, it comes with auto exposure and auto white balance. There are also auto macro mode that allows you take photo up to 10cm close. Low light sensitivity allows you to take photos of much higher quality.

wwdc2009-3 mp iphone 3gs camera

Example of a photo taken on iPhone 3GS:

wwdc2009-photo taken with iphone 3gs


Now finally you can make videos at 30FPS VGA with auto focus, auto white balance and auto exposure.



If your carrier supports MMS, you can now send both photo and video MMS instantly. There is also an option to send the video directly via email, MobileMe, or upload it to YouTube.



Includes hardware that supports OpenGL|ES standard. Seems like we will see a lot of high-quality graphics in newer games.


wwdc2009-game 1

wwdc2009-game 2


The standard 7.2 Mbps HSDPA is supported.

Voice Control

You can now control your iPhone with your voice. Dial your family and friends with voice instead of having to type their phone numbers.

wwdc2009-voice control

Digital Compass

There is a now a build-in compass which allows you to know the directions on the go. It can be integrated into Maps too.

wwdc2009-digitial compass


They have integrated Nike+, so that you can know how’s your exercise going.


Hardware Encryption

It has a build-in hardware encryption, such encryption is also available for iTunes backup. Now you can delete all data from your iPhone once its been robbed from you. Thus, your data will always remain secure with iPhone 3GS.

hardware encryption


They have managed to increase the overall battery life too. Below is the comparison for you.



The iPhone 3GS 16GB will cost $199, while the 32GB version will cost $299. Both will be available from 19th June, 2009.

wwdc2009-16gb iphone 3gs

wwdc2009-32gb iphone 3gs



We have collected the most important details of the iPhone 3GS and managed to squeeze it in one page. We took the photos from Gizmodo, because they really have a kick-ass photographer, “B.Lam”. Enjoy!

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