Invoicing Specialist job – GreatAmerica Financial Services – Cedar Rapids, IA

Position Summary

The primary responsibilities of the Invoice Specialist I position will consist of processing manual invoices, processing Invoice Requests, setting up invoicing features (such as Asset Level Billing), and processing lead day, due day, and roll-up invoicing change requests. Additionally they will provide general invoicing assistance to all business units. This position will work in a team environment as part of the Invoicing Solutions Team.

Essential Functions

Manage and process invoices for contracts/customers that are flagged for manual invoicing.These invoices appear in a daily work list that you will process and complete in a timely fashion.Timely is defined as 1-2 business days for invoices that are within your control.Things that are outside of our control include, but are not limited to: waiting on dealer or team for feedback, additional invoice related data, contract changes, and the like.Manual invoices will be prepared to meet the customer’s and/or dealer’s requirements.Manual Invoices will be created using a variety of tools such as Adobe Acrobat, InfoLease, and Excel/data warehouse.

Process system generated invoice requests.All team members within the company can submit an Invoice Request.These requests should be processed same day (usually immediately or within 1 hour).Requests that come in later in the day (around 5pm) can be processed the next morning, but every effort should be made to process all requests by the end of the normal business day (which is 5pm CST).

Process lead day, due day, and invoicing roll-up change requests. These requests should be processed same day (usually immediately or within 1-2 hours). This will require working with team members in the company to ensure changes are processed accurately .

Review OnBase invoice reports every morning and take necessary action, if necessary.

This position will additionally provide support to all business units for setting up special invoicing features such as: Emailing, Asset Detail, Asset Level Billing, Consolidated Billing, Current Only, Past Due Summary, and other features as they are developed.

On a limited, as needed basis, provide cross functional support for the VBS Team, specifically in the areas of: Contract Booking, Contract Modification including Email and Phone support, UTS, meter readings, integration and other areas as needed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Position Qualifications

Competencies: For all GreatAmerica team members: Honesty/Integrity, Customer Oriented, Accountability, Tenacious, Communication Skills (Oral & Written), Adaptability

For this position: Accuracy, Detail Oriented, Problem Solving, Analytical Skills, Customer Oriented, Communication-Oral, Communication-Written

Education: A two or four year college degree preferred

Experience: 2+ years of leasing/business experience is desired, InfoLease and Invoicing knowledge are desired

Skills and Abilities

Computer Skills: Preferred candidate should be proficient in Microsoft Excel. A solid understanding of Microsoft Windows desktop environment (keyboard shortcuts, Windows Explorer, folder structures, file navigation, etc). Proficient in Adobe Acrobat is also desired.

Other Requirements: Ability to adapt to multiple situations and changing environments; Ability to work in a fast-paced environment; Solution driven.

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