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As a professional blogger who writes about technology as part of his job, I have to keep myself up to date with the latest tech news. For the past few years in my blogging tenure, I loved using Google Reader to keep track of all the tech related information that I am interested in reading, and during that time, I had built a comprehensive collection of blog feeds. Those were good times, but unfortunately came to an end when Google pulled the plug on it’s Reader service and since then, I’ve been trying out different news aggregation services to find the right one. Recently upon coming across Meople.Streamer, I decided to give it a shot and boy, was I impressed. It’s not technically an RSS reader, but rather a highly intuitive content aggregation tool that can collect news streams about your favorite topics straight from social media services. So, how and how well does it do that? Read on to find out.

Meople.Streamer is basically a web service and Android app that provides you latest updates about your favorite topics from sources like Facebook, Google+, VK and Instagram. Almost all major news websites and services these days have social media profiles where they post updates about their latest stories. Meople.Streamer lets you aggregate information from these sources, and access it all under one roof.

The Android app I took for a spin is really elegant, and very easy to use. Here how it works: upon first launch, you need to Sign up for a new Meople account by specifying your name and email address, and choosing a password.


Once past the sign up process, you need to create your first stream by tapping the ‘Create Stream’ button at the home screen. Meople.Streamer then asks you to enter a Stream Title and an optional description regarding what it is about, for instance, technology, cars, news, pets, celebrities etc. The next step is to choose the source for your stream. To do that, tap ‘Add Channel’ at the bottom and then specify it under either Custom or Catalogue tabs.

Meople.Streamer-Main Meople.Streamer-New Strream Meople.Streamer-custom channel

If you don’t currently have a custom channel in mind, you can always use Meople’s comprehensive catalogue for the purpose, which carries a ton of pre-defined sources related to news, lifestyle, animals, entertainment and various other categories. All you have to do is tap the (+) button next to a source to add it to your stream. Likewise, if you want to specify a custom channel, first choose the source type, enter a page name or ID, and hit the search button. Upon retrieving the appropriate results, you can add the available channel to your stream.

Meople.Streamer-catalogue Meople.Streamer-tech Meople.Streamer_Addictivetips

Lastly, tap Save on the Edit Stream screen, and you’ll be all set. All your streams are automatically synced to your Meople account, in turn allowing you to access them from both mobile and the web. You can also share your streams with others via the integrated sharing option.

Meople.Streamer_Save Meople.Streamer_AT_Page Meople.Streamer_AT

In a nutshell, if you want to monitor blogs and news sites through social media, Meople.Streamer is definitely worth a shot.

Install Meople.Streamer from Play Store

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