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People who have a job always like telling students how tough it currently is to find employment, quoting climbing unemployment rates and various other reasons. To an extent, all that might be true, but as the saying goes, there is always room at the top. If you are good enough, you get to choose the organization you want to work for, and not the other way around. Gone are the days when everything depended on having diplomas and degrees; these days, all that really matters is your actual knowledge, ability, and other qualities of character. This endows great importance to a job interview in the whole hiring cycle. You never know what an interviewer might ask you, as this depends largely on the type of position you are being interviewed for, and the person’s own temperament. Fortunately, a few things are almost universal about job interviews, and that’s why you can prepare for your interview beforehand. Now, the question arises of how to achieve that? Well, for iOS users, there’s an app for that. Interview Questions Pro for iPhone & iPad has a lot of flashcards that will let you stay prepared, no matter what questions are thrown at you in an interview.

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Interview Questions Pro is designed to be really simple to use. From the main screen, you get the option to choose the genre of questions you want to prepare for. The general questions that are asked in almost every interview are listed in the Candidate section, while those belonging to particular phases of interviews can be found under Behavioral, Work History and Critical Thinking menus. You can search through the list of queries, or go through all of them one by one. A single tap on any question will reveal the query’s flashcard, and to view its possible answer, you just have to tap the card once. We use the word “answer” in a rather broad sense here, as Interview Questions Pro won’t provide you with exact answers to interview queries, but rather advise you regarding possible responses. If you want, you can edit any of the available questions and answers for future reference. In case you deem your changes good enough, submit it to the Interview Questions Pro team in the Comments menu of the app.

Not only has the app got all types of questions that you might be asked in an interview, it even suggests questions you should ask the interviewer. To see those, go to the Questions to Ask menu from the main page. Overall, Interview Questions Pro is pretty useful, and you can download this universal app for free by heading to the link below.

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