Increase Taskbar Preview With Windows 7 Taskbar Big Preview

A great feature of Windows 7 is the taskbar preview. However, unfortunately Windows 7 does not provide any option to increase the size of this preview. The default preview size can create a bit of confusion to identify the right window when one has many side by side stacked windows of the same application (e.g. a browser). Windows 7 Taskbar Big Preview is a portable tool that increases the display size of the live preview in Windows 7 taskbar. Although the default preview size is quite handy and viewable, yet many a times, a bigger preview can be helpful for people with eye sight problems and those who may require checking multiple side by side stacked Windows to quickly identify the right one. For example, a digital painter with five side by side stacked Windows might be interested in checking out his/her digital canvas. Since a single application with multiple side by side windows can appear somewhat similar in preview, it can therefore be difficult to distinguish the content of such a window with the default preview size in Windows 7.

To start out, simply launch Windows 7 Taskbar Big Preview and click Enable Big Live Preview.

This will result in a prompt to restart your system for the changes to take effect. Click OK and reboot the system.


Once the system is restarted, you will be able to get the larger taskbar preview. The increased size is significantly larger than the default preview size in Windows 7. This enables a better overview of the content of the Window and makes it easier to identify the window that you wish to switch to. To disable the large preview, launch Windows 7 Taskbar Big Preview and click on Disable Big Live preview.

Download Windows 7 Taskbar Big Preview

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