How To Share A Wi-Fi Connection With A System With No Wi-Fi Card [Ubuntu]

Sometimes you may require sharing a wireless internet connection with a computer which has no Wi-Fi adapter. Doing so can become quite tricky as the computer without a Wi-Fi card cannot be connected to a wireless router. In this post we will provide you with a quick tip to explain the procedure to share a wireless internet connection from one Ubuntu system with a Wi-Fi card (e.g. Laptop) to another Ubuntu computer which has no Wi-Fi card (e.g. a desktop PC).

To get started, click on the connection icon from the system tray and select Edit Connections.

Head over to the Wired tab, select Auto eth0 and click Edit.

Auto Ethos

From the IPv4 Settings tab, select Share to other computers and click Apply. Make sure that the computer with the Wi-Fi connection is connected to the system with Wi-Fi internet using a LAN cable.


This will share the internet connection from the system with the wireless card to the one with no Wi-Fi card. Although, it can be quite convenient to simply buy a Wi-Fi card for the other system to connect both computers via a wireless router or by sharing your wireless connection with the second Wi-Fi card, but if for some reason it is not possible (e.g. due to legacy hardware or no empty slot available for adding a Wi-Fi card), then you can use the above mentioned procedure to share your Wi-Fi internet connection with a system which may not have a Wi-Fi card installed.

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