How To Get A Character Count From The Right-Click Context Menu In Firefox

The most useful tools are often the simplest ones. Case in point; Characters Counter. It’s a Firefox add-on that can count the number of characters in selected text. A word counter is often a part of apps like word processors. You can find one in MS Word and in Google Docs. The tool is predictably useful because a user might need to meet a certain word count when working on a document. Just as word count limits are often important when creating a document, character counts are important when you’re posting anything online.

Install Characters Counter and visit any website. Highlight the text you want to find the character count for, and right-click it. In the context menu, you will see an option that reads ‘Characters:’ followed by the character count for the selected text.

Character count matters because social media restricts how long a message you can post. Twitter is one obvious example but LinkedIn is also quite restrictive in this regard.

If you ever need to cross-post between a social media site that is more generous with the word count to one that is more restrictive, this tool will be incredibly helpful.

Characters Counter isn’t just useful if you spend a lot of time on social media. Many online forms that you fill out often have a character limit and they neglect to provide a way for you to count characters. In the absence of a tool like Characters Counter, you have to resort to using a third-party app in between to find the character count. It’s not the most convenient way to work.

Characters Counter is true to it’s name i.e. it only counts characters and doesn’t go the extra mile to give you the word count of the selected text. That is likely something that would have made it all the more useful but when you’re writing/posting on the web, the character count is the essential measurement you need.

Install Characters Counters For Firefox

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