How To Enable And Record Multiple Snaps In Snapchat

Snapchat lets you record and share videos. These videos are only 10 seconds long though so you have to keep them short. The videos can be posted to your story or you can share them with a friend, or a group on Snapchat. Ten seconds isn’t very long and Snapchat is now facing a lot of competition with everyone ripping its features off. The app is fighting back by adding new features and improving existing ones. It’s made an improvement to its video sharing feature. After the last update, you can now record multiple snaps in Snapchat. The magic number is six. You can record six videos, each ten seconds long, and post them to Snapchat. Here’s how.

Record Multiple Snaps In Snapchat

Open Snapchat and tap and hold the Capture button. Allow a full ten second video to record. When the progress dial is full, Snapchat will automatically start recording the next video. If you keep holding the capture button after the second video has been recorded, it will record a third one. This will go on until you’ve recorded 6 videos. That’s the limit. Once you reach it. Snapchat will take you to the familiar editing screen.

You can remove a clip from the six that you’ve recorded and you can edit each clip individually.

Enable Record Multiple Snaps In Snapchat

There’s one problem with the new feature. If you’ve never recorded or posted a video to Snapchat, it doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps you have recorded and posted videos to Snapchat but the feature looks at your recent activity. If there are no recent videos that you’ve posted, the feature doesn’t work for you.

To enable it, you need to record a full ten second video and post it to your story. The only thing you have to make sure you do is make it a ten second video. Anything shorter than that will not do. Once you post the video, return to the capture mode in Snapchat and record a new video. This time, when you reach the ten second mark, it will start recording a second video.

This feature is obviously one for enthusiastic Snapchat users. People who post photos once in a while e.g. to show off the new Game of Thrones snap filter in Snapchat aren’t likely to want or need this feature. That’s the only thing that can explain why it’s sort of disabled like this. Snapchat should perhaps be a little more clear with how to enable its features.

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