How To Customize The Control Center In iOS

The Control Center was added to iOS in iOS 7. It rolled out with the new iOS look which a lot of people weren’t sure about. The Control Center makes useful system switches like the WiFi and Bluetooth available with just a swipe. Up until iOS 10, the only way to customize the Control Center was to jailbreak your device. iOS 11 changes that. You can now customize the Control Center in iOS 11 without needing to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. You can add or remove toggles and there are quite a few useful new toggles that you can add.

Note: iOS 11 is currently in beta. The stable version will roll out to users in September/October 2017.

 Customize The Control Center

Open the Settings app and go to Control Center. In iOS 11, there’s a new option on this screen called ‘Customize Controls’. Tap it.

The Customize screen has a list of controls that you can add to the Control Center. You can also remove, and reorder the default controls.

Tap the red minus button to remove a control. Tap, hold, and drag the handle at the far right of a toggle to change the order its order. Scroll down past the ‘Include’ list and you’ll see the additional toggles you can now add to the Control Center. Just tap the one you want to add.

The toggles are added/removed live. You won’t need to restart your iPhone or anything.

The toggles are added along the bottom below the torch, timer, calculator, and camera toggles. Not all of them have an On state reflected by a colored button. In fact, any new toggle buttons you add to the Control Center will follow the same convention as the last four at the ones at the bottom.


Although you can customize the Control Center in iOS 11 without needing to jailbreak your device, there are limitations. You can’t remove all the default toggles. If you prefer to only have a handful of toggles in the Control Center, you will have to incorporate them alongside the Music controls and the Screen Mirroring control.

The essential toggles that you cannot remove when you customize the Control Center are;

  • Airplane mode
  • Cellular Data
  • WiFi switch
  • Orientation lock
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Brightness
  • Volume
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Music Controls

If you’re looking to remove any of the above toggles and controls from the Control Center, you’re only choice outside is to jailbreak your device. The controls that you cannot remove from the Control Center are essential so you can’t blame Apple for the limitations.

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