How To Clean Up The Context Menu In Internet Explorer 8

Does your Internet Explorer 8 Right Click menu get cluttered by installing new programs or accelerators? The right-click menu in Internet Explorer may get cluttered up when you install download managers, toolbars and other browser utilities, the items that you rarely use can be disabled so that the right-click menu in Internet Explorer looks clean.

This is how the right click context menu when cluttered with loads of accelerators and menu extensions. View in gallery

How To Remove Accelerators

Accelerators are those add-ons that lets you work on data in the web pages for example, you can select a few lines of text and send it to a blog or email it with a click. Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 comes preinstalled with the following Accelerators:

  • Blog with Windows Live Spaces
  • Email with Live Mail
  • Translate with Windows Live
  • Define with Encarta

To disable rarely used accelerators, use the following steps:

Open Internet Explorer, click Tools and select Manage Add-ons.

manageaddons How To Clean Up The Context Menu In Internet Explorer 8View in gallery

Select Accelerators, Right-click the appropriate entry you want to remove and click Disable.

disabelView in gallery

Click Close after disabling all undesired entries.

How To Remove Menu Extensions

Everyone deals with a lot of files such as office documents, image files, audio records in everyday work, the menu extensions help us to export or import the data to other applications. Menu extensions are supported in all versions of Internet Explorer and the below mentioned steps can be applied to all versions of Internet Explorer.

Menu extensions are stored in the registry. Always make sure to backup your registry before applying any changes, if you don’t know how to do it, check this post.

To remove a Menu extension, run Regedit.exe to start the Registry Editor. and navigate to the the following key.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Internet Explorer MenuExt

menu extView in gallery

Right click on the corresponding undesired key and delete it. And you are done!

Alternate Solution – ToolbarCop

If you don’t want to lay your hands on to the registry editor, you can also download ToolbarCop.

toolbarcopView in gallery

It is a browser extension manager that lets you remove the entries of the right click menu easily, just select the items enlisted and disable them easily.

And here is the quick tip from Miladin who is a developer in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 team,

Only those accelerators marked as “default” appear as the top level menu entries. This is meant for Accelerators that you use very often. All others can be accessed through the “More Accelerators” submenu so they really don’t take any space. So for Accelerators that you don’t use often but will still need from time to time – go to Manage Add-ons and rather than disabling simply select “Remove as Default”.

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