How To Check Device & App Compatibility Before Reserving A Windows 10 Copy

Windows 10 is coming July 29, 2015. Rejoice. Microsoft has taken just everything you hated about Windows 8/8.1 and made it all better. Microsoft is also being considerably more aggressive about getting people to upgrade to the next version and I for one am very impressed with the effort they’ve put in. A recent Windows update will have added a new app for reserving a copy of Windows 10, which is free for everyone on Windows 7 and 8/8.1. The app includes a very useful feature that will check if your PC is compatible with Windows 10. Most PCs will be compatible but the app is still really useful because it tells you if a certain device or app that you’ve currently installed on your system will work once you’ve upgraded. Here’s how to run the check.

Open the Get Windows 10 app by clicking the Windows icon in the system tray.

Before you rush on ahead and reserve your free upgrade, click the hamburger icon at the top left and in the panel that slides open, click Check Your PC.

check pc windows 10

The app takes very little time to run the check and you don’t need to do anything on your part. The results are separated into two sections; devices which lists incompatible hardware and Apps which will list incompatible apps. Your PC might still be compatible but some devices will not and it’s important to check which devices aren’t, the reason being that sometimes a critical device might not be supported.

For example, Broadcom’s virtual wireless adapter isn’t compatible yet with Windows 10 and for the system I ran the check on, and that is a vital device needed to connect to a wireless network.

device compatibility windows 10 upgrade

You might see any sort of device listed in the results so before you go ahead and make the reservation for your new Windows 10 copy, check with your PC manufacturer to see just how essential that particular device is. Despite this one critical device not being compatible, if I were to reserve a copy, Windows would be upgraded and leave me with connectivity problems.

For all our readers not seeing the Get Windows 10 app, try these solutions and see if they help.

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