How One Coaching Session Helped Me Find a Job I Love in an Unexpected Field

Finding a job is hard enough. Now finding a job you love? That can feel impossible. Especially when you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options.

So, when we hear a success story, it truly warms our heart. Because even though their story might not be your story, it’s proof that out there, somewhere, there’s the (almost) perfect match of a job waiting for you.

Today, we talked with Angie Finlay, who was able to find her own niche with the help of The Muse Coach Connect.

Here’s her story:

Give Us Your Elevator Speech!

I’m a writer and editor who loves to take on new sorts of projects. Currently, I work as a content marketing specialist, a job that straddles traditional marketing and editorial roles and allows me to be both a storyteller and a strategist. My MA in English, love of narrative structure, and interest in the changing forms and facets of communication fit very well with my job responsibilities and career path.

How Long Was Your Job Search?

I began my job search shortly after I moved back to Canada last fall and found a job by January.

Three months of hard work really paid off, but it was a very stressful time. Everyone relaxes in different ways, but I think staying active is key: Parking yourself in front of a computer to network on LinkedIn, type up cover letters, and fill out applications can leave you feeling drained. Getting out and interacting with my new city was an excellent way to keep my energy up, and certainly kept my days interesting.

Tell Us About Your Coaching Session

Soon after I kicked off my job search, I realized a couple of things: There were a host of opportunities and challenges out there, and I wasn’t quite sure which path to navigate. I could identify my current skill set (for the most part), but not all the places where those skills might fit.

I was working as a freelance writer while living abroad, and I had very little concrete job-related accomplishments to use as a compass. I really wanted some insight into how to use my education and work experience to pivot into another role, and I found myself wondering, could I really compete in this competitive landscape?

I ended up meeting with Evangelia Leclaire, and I chose the Resume and LinkedIn Review in order to optimize my two primary job search tools at once.

I was excited to get things started, but a bit nervous about preparing for the session. I was worried about whether I had enough to bring to the exercise, and what exactly was expected of me. Of course, those concerns dissipated pretty quickly—Evangelia was incredibly supportive, friendly, and positive from the very start.

She told me that I have everything I need to get a great job. It may seem like a simple sentence, but believing that I don’t have to take a step back to eventually go forward was a huge weight off my back. Now, it was a matter of digging deeper into how to effectively use my talents and experience to pinpoint my ideal career. She would check in via phone each week (or twice a week), and being able to actually track how much closer I was to realizing my goals was a big motivator.

In the end, I was pretty proud of my hard work, and felt that I was a better candidate for the confidence the process bred in me. While nothing happens overnight, my applications and cover letters going forward certainly reflected my new conviction. Two interviews later, and I got the job!