How I Found a Company That Values Team Culture

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Today, we chatted with Emily Smith, a Business Development Representative at Bizzabo. Because she defined what she wanted in a job from the get-go, she found a perfect fit at a company where everyone works together, respects others to speak their mind, and still makes time to have a good laugh.

Read below to learn more about her story, then check out Bizzabo’s offices and see how you can land a great new gig of your own.

What were you looking for in a job?

I was particularly interested in culture. The majority of my weekly hours are spent at work, it’s important to be in a space that’s both challenging and positive. In a previous job I had a negative environment, and the effects spilled beyond the office walls, draining my home life and personal happiness. After that experience I made the decision to be much more selective and mindful in choosing my workplace.

Is there anything in particular you did during your application process that you think helped you stand out and land the job at Bizzabo?

I honestly wanted to work for this company—I wasn’t just looking for any job. So I came very prepared, doing my research ahead of time, being informed about the company and product, identifying specific skills, experiences, and talents that would bring immediate value, and bringing questions that came from a genuine interest in Bizzabo and the people working there.

What’s your job like on a day to day basis?

My job is to target potential new clients, hunt down the decision maker, create and build interest in how Bizzabo can improve their bottom line, and coordinate a demonstration with our product specialists. I basically tee up a potential client for the product specialist to close as a deal.

We collaborate weekly to hone targeting tactics and brainstorm creative ways to open conversation with busy event planners who are not yet in the market for software. At the end of the day we want to empower event organizers, so we target leads whose processes, events, and attendees we genuinely believe will benefit from Bizzabo.

What’s your favorite part so far about working at Bizzabo?

We respect data and are always looking to improve. When management asks for your input it’s taken seriously. When we have a weekly team meeting we share feedback and give each person the respect to open up about how they see something. We create action items from these meetings and wouldn’t be where we are today without this kind of open forum. Finally, we’re very committed to our work, and do whatever we can so we’ll achieve our goals.

Learn More About Working at Bizzabo

What’s something most people would find surprising about working at Bizzabo?

We put effort into getting to know each other, despite how far we are from colleagues in our Israeli office. Onboarding at Bizzabo includes speed meetings with each member of the organization, even those not in our home office. This builds the foundation for a work relationship and a friendship; you get an idea of their role in the organization, their history, and their personality.

We keep a tight community—which can be challenging when part of your team is across the globe and you don’t necessarily interact with each member on a day to day basis. We are colleagues and also friends, making it natural to break the grind with spontaneous fun moments and laughter throughout the day.

What advice would you have for someone who is looking for a job they love?

Know what you want and itemize your “need to haves” and “nice to haves” from the start. Take on your job search as a job itself—where you land will have a huge impact on your happiness and success going forward.

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