Hover Reader Gives Instant Preview Of Links In A Floating Window [Chrome]

Sometimes we don’t want to waste our time clicking every link we find on the web. If you want to take a quick peek at a link within a news article on a blog or any website, lets say, but don’t want to actually click on the link itself then Hover Reader is a simple Chrome extension that provides an intuitive solution. When you hover over a link, the extension instantly shows a reader friendly preview of the page linked, stripping out any images, advertisements, and other fluff on the page. The extension is also a bit customizable so you can keep it from being annoying on specified domains. Details to be followed after the jump.

Using Hover Reader is quite straightforward; once installed, its icon remains intact on Chrome’s Omnibar allowing easy access to its settings. To use it, all you need to do is hover the mouse cursor over a link. After a couple of seconds, it will give you a complete preview of that page in a floating window. You can scroll the page up and down via the mouse scroll wheel to read its content.

The extension can prove useful under a multitude of situations. For example, if you just want to quickly glance over a recipe link on Google search results, you can use Hover Reader to sift through search results instead of opening all the links you find, saving a ton of your time. Likewise, the extension will definitely come in handy when reading multiple blog posts as it allows you to view the complete post without actually opening the link.

But you can also disable Hover Reader for selected domains if you wish. To do so, open the link you need to disallow, click Hover Reader’s Omnibar icon, followed by clicking ‘Disable on this domain’. The next time you will visit the domain, the extension won’t show any previews. Other than that, you can also change font size and font type used in the preview window from the drop down menu. Just make sure to refresh the page in order to let the changes come into effect.

Hover Reader

All in all, Hover Reader is an excellent little tool that you might want to add to your arsenal to quickly rundown pages without actually opening them up.

Install Hover Reader from Chrome Web Store

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