Here’s How You Can Play The Hidden Game In Android Lollipop

Google loves Easter eggs and Apple is possibly the only company that does them as well or nearly as well as the search giant. One such Easter egg comes in Android Lollipop, the newest stable version of the Android OS currently rolling out (painfully slowly) to nexus users. It’s a nod to the very popular game flappy bird. Adapted with Lollipop inspired backgrounds and the Android bot replacing the bird, the hidden game can be played without having to download anything extra if you know where to find it.

Open the Settings app and scroll down to the About Phone section and tap it. On the About Phone screen, look for the Android version number and then tap it a few times. Needless to say you must be running Android 5.0 for this to work.

 about phone

You’ll see a circle, I always got a purple one, when you tap the version number over whatever wallpaper you’ve set. Tap it again until it turns into a lollipop with the those same words written on it. Now tap it again several times and then long press on the lollipop to launch the game.

There’s two things you need to know;  one, I sucked at this despite doing fairly well with most other flappy bird clones, and two, the game alternates between which way it moves so you could be jumping between lollipops going left or right. The direction is set at the start of the game and doesn’t change unless you start a new game. Unlike flappy birds where you would normally see the bird positioned ready to fly, tapping the screen is what will launch the Android bot and start the game.

lollipop_start game flappy lollipop

A few things that are worth appreciating in the game are that the Android bot doesn’t ‘crash’ into the candy like the bird did into the pipes in the original game. Instead, it ‘sticks’ to the large overhanging lollipops because candy is sugar and sugar is sticky. Enjoy your game!

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