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It’s been a while since we last gave Google+ smartphone apps any coverage, the reason being that the app didn’t receive a major update after the one that brought Pages support to it. Now, however, it has been updated with a number of really great features. Both the iOS and Android clients now focus a lot more on communities than they previously did, with options to share posts from your phone and popularizing a community coming to the mix. Another great new addition is the revamped photo editor that has been integrated with Google+ for iOS. Not only does it offer a lot of image effects, but also makes it possible to crop pictures before sharing them.

 Google  iOS Volume Google  iOS Communities

The biggest complaint about Google+ has always been its limited number of users, and perhaps that’s why the new update offers a very simplified sign up screen, which can be used by anyone to create a new profile within a few seconds.

For existing users, the profile pages offer something new as well. The profile design has been overhauled but if you are using the Android version, an even bigger refresh is awaiting for you. The streams are now much more flashier than they previously were, and let you preview content in a popup window.

When it comes to communities, there are a few really big changes in Google+ for both iOS and Android. For one thing, you can manually control the volume of posts you see from a particular profile in your streams or community feeds. Community moderators are going to see a few useful control features at their end as well. Have you ever wanted to popularize a community among your Google+ friends? This can now be easily done, thanks to the ‘Share community’ button on the main page.

Google  Photo Editor Google  Photo Crop

Whenever you want to post a photo to your Google+ account from your iPhone, the app now makes sure there is no need to employ a third-party photo editor. The image editing options offered by the Google+ client itself are just great. Users can apply a lot of filters to their photos. Most effects even have multiple versions, which can be applied by repeatedly tapping the filter thumbnail. For cropping options, you get both free (rectangular) and square selection frames.

Other minor changes in the update include some tweaking with the Notifications area interface and better search results filters. You can give the updated Google+ apps a try by heading to the following links.

Download Google+ For iOS

Download Google+ For Android

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