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Google serves us search results that are personalized; it takes into account several things, most of which involve your browsing behavior and some personal information like your current location, to give you more relevant results. This is what makes Google a great search engine but it can and does backfire. Sometimes, your personal information and what Google knows about you can give you irrelevant results. Impersonal.Me is a web app built on top of Google that strips away any and all personal preferences that Google takes into account when you search for something to give you unadulterated results.

Using Impersonal.Me is pretty easy; you type in what you want to search for and hit Go. It does let you customize some preferences such as which language the UI should be in and what TLD to search on. You can also enter a custom location. The advanced options let you specify which language the results should be in, and to search for results from a specific country.

When you hit ‘Go’, a new tab opens with search results listed for your query. It’s basically a Google Search Results page with your search terms but the results are generated taking into account the preferences you set on Impersonal.Me.

With browsers, it’s kind of hard to get them to ignore your location or switch to a different one when you search Google. This app simplifies it and it’s much easier to use with no lasting effects on your browser’s settings.

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