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Owing to the awesomeness of the cameras in newer iOS devices, the App Store is full of apps related to photography and imagery. When it comes to snapping photos using your iPhone, no one wants to bore others with pictures shot in the same style over and over. This is why, like Instagram, there are many apps which let users apply a lot of filters to the images they might have on their iDevice. However, in almost all the apps out there, the available cameras and filters have to be limited, and their amount static. This means that the urge to create something truly unique remains unsatisfied for the most part. If you can relate to that, then Infinicam is just the app you have always been looking for. The app comes with thousands of camera filters, and the list is growing all the time. Read on to know more about Infinicam.

 Infinicam Borders Filters Infinicam Camera Filter Codes

When you launch the app, you will be presented with some pretty handy tips regarding the working and usage of Infinicam. The app is not too complicated in its features and working. There is just a single screen, from where you can apply any filter or border to the photos. If you want to load a photo from the camera roll of your device, then tap the third button in the top bar. Once the image has been opened in Infinicam, it is possible to apply different filters/ borders to it by swiping left or right on the screen. To randomize the filters, you can hit the big button in the bottom right. Tapping the image will let you see the history of previously used filters, as well as the borders and effects which are in your favorites list. Infinicam also has options to let its users crop the photos being edited, and you can even choose the resolution in which you want to save the image. The save menu can be used to email any image from within the app as well.

All this might not make Infinicam any different from a plethora of other photography apps, but we haven’t discussed the main feature of the app yet. You can get thousands of filters for Infinicam by entering codes you can get online, or from the app’s Twitter page (here’s the handle @infinicam). Filter codes are also available from the developer’s website (link provided within the app), along with previews of end results. Infinicam is certainly an app which is one of its kind, and what’s more, you can get for free if you hurry to the download link below.

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