Get An Overview Of Mac Folder Sizes & Drive Space Usage With DiskSpace

DiskSpace is a free app available in the Mac App Store that gives you a quick overview of spaced usage in the drives mounted in your Mac and the folders in the user’s Home folder. Unlike DaisyDisk and DiskScanner – both of which give you details on space usage down to the last folder – DiskSpace gives you an overview of how space is consumed in your Home folder. DiskSpace is tied down to whichever user account you’re signed in to; even if you have Administrator privileges, it will not let you add the Home folder of any other user.

When you launch DiskSpace, it will ask you to select your Home folder. If you try adding any other folder (another user’s Home folder or otherwise), you will not get past the first window.

Once you’ve added your Home folder, DiskSpace will load your drives, and list all your folders. The app is divided in to two tabs: one for drives and one for folders. The Drives folder will list all mounted drives including the Mac HD, showing total space, used space, and free space for each drive. There are four buttons below the list of drives, the first one of which allows you to refresh the list, loading any new drives you’ve connected, removing drives that you’ve ejected, and updating storage information for all connected drives. The other buttons here let you open Disk Utility, System Preferences and Finder directly from the app.

DiskSpace disk

Switch to the Folders tab to view all folders in your Home folder. When you first switch to the tab, the folders will be listed with no information regarding their size on the disk. To view how much space each folder occupies, click the ‘Calculate Folder Sizes’ button at the bottom. The sizes are displayed in memory units as well as graphically, to show you how much space they’re using up. If you click ‘Calculate Folder Sizes’ again, DiskSpace will fetch an updated report on the folder sizes.

DiskSpace folders

DiskSpace is a simple app and being free, we can’t get too demanding with the list of features we’d like to see. Each time you launch DiskSpace, it asks you to select your Home folder. Since it works only for the current user, the app should be able to detect this automatically. Mounted drives can’t be ejected, which can be a useful feature for an app like this to have. Other than that, DiskSpace is good for a cursory view of your space usage.

Download DiskSpace From Mac App Store

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